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Cravings Cupcakery bakes decadent, moist gourmet cakes and cupcakes from scratch.  Each day we offer our classic collection: chocolate, vanilla, marble, confetti and Red Velvet.  Daily we also rotate 3 to 7 of our 56 Premium Signature flavors.

Custom orders can be personalized with your choice of cake, filling and frosting flavors--listed below.

Contact us to place your order (please allow at least 5 days advanced notice).
Caramel apple cupcake

Apple spice                                   Peach
Apricot                                         Peanut butter
Banana                                         Pumpkin
Butter pecan                                 Raspberry
Caramel                                        Red Velvet
Carrot cake                                   Strawberry
Chocolate                                     Tres Leches
Chocolate mint                             Vanilla
Confetti cake                               
Eggnog                                         Gluten free:
German chocolate                        Chocolate *
Key lime                                       Lemon *           
Lemon                                          Strawberry *
Marble (chocolate/vanilla)            Vanilla *                                * Additional charge applies
Lemon cupcake with lemon Swiss meringue buttercream

Apple caramel compote             Raspberry compote
Apricot compote                       Strawberry compote
Bananas Foster                          White chocolate ganache
Bavarian cream
Caramel cream
Cherry compote
Chocolate cream
Chocolate ganache
Cinnamon cream
Coconut cream
Cream cheese filling
Lemon curd
Lime curd
Peach compote
Peanut butter ganache
Pineapple compote
Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate buttercream
Coconut buttercream

Cream cheese icing

Caramel buttercream
Maple buttercream
Mint chocolate buttercream
Peanut butter buttercream
Strawberry buttercream
Vanilla buttercream